The Weltzeituhr Start-up

The World Clock in the heart of Berlin has always stood for technical progress and a cosmopolitan viewpoint and is still a popular meeting point today for people from all over the world. Moreover, it is a real unique selling point of the city of Berlin, because unlike monuments such as gates, towers or columns, the World Clock, not only presents all time zones and continents simultaneously, but also brings the viewer closer to the origin of time through the movement of the planets in space, it is unique and one of a kind.

The WELTZEITUHR company, an innovative Berlin start-up, has for the first time been personally entrusted by the designer of the World Clock, Prof. Erich John, with the task of paying tribute to this contemporary landmark and unique design icon through high-quality memorabilia, sustainable souvenirs and sophisticated collector‘s items – designed or made in Germany – as a symbol of freedom, tolerance and cosmopolitanism and making them accessible worldwide.
In addition to this it is a fundamental duty of the WELTZEITUHR company to explain the history of the clock and its creator, to describe its operating principle and to communicate to the many guests from all over the world in the immediate vicinity of the World Clock as sustainably as possible.

In cooperation with different partners and as a Public Private partnership with the district office of Berlin-Mitte, the WELTZEITUHR company, in close cooperation with district Mayor Stephan von Dassel, has played a leading role in ensuring that this temporary action of appreciation for this artistically, urbanistically and historically valuable monument to the 50th anniversary took place.